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Be A Host of Your Own Podcast...

Would you like to Host your own show or be a Co-Host on the Left of Str8 Radio Network?  

We're looking for unique voices that want to bring a new or existing voice to the podcasting community.  What are you passionate talking about?  Do you have a particular expertise or insight you want to share?  The only thing we ask is that you are inclusive and don't discriminate or be offensive to any marginalized community.  That doesn't mean you cannot have strong opinions and voice them on air, you just cannot discriminate based on age, sex, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender.  

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Be A Guest on The Left of Str8 Show

Would you like to be a guest on a future LIVE Left of Str8 Show?  

We're looking for LGBTQ or Straight Ally Actors, Writers, Singers, Songwriters, Producers, Directors, Authors, Chefs, Foodies, Restaurant Owners, Advocates, Organizations who would be of interest to the LGBT Community and our Allies.  Maybe you're none of those but would make a great guest!  Let's find out and email us below for a chance to be on an upcoming show.

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