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About Left of Str8 Radio....

Meet Our Interns:

Left of Str8 Radio is Proud and Happy to  bring on Interns from across the country who are looking to learn the art of podcasting and internet radio.  Our Interns are either getting college credit or learning the industry from the inside out.  As part of their Internship, they each create either an episode or an entire season of their own podcast as they learn as they do. Internships last 3-4 months and require 5-10 hours a week of virtual learning and work.  if you would like to be an Intern with us, send your information to scott(at)


Hi! I'm Anna, a rising senior at the State University of New York at Fredonia currently studying Audio and Video Production with a minor in Film Studies. Hailing from the quaint and conservative town of Corning, New York as an asexual-aromantic woman who possesses long-running ties with the LGBTQ+ community, I’ve always understood the deeper importance of having a platform to discuss my experiences, struggles, and triumphs in a world that routinely tries to silence what I and the other members of my community have to say. That’s why I’m beyond excited to be a part of the Left of Str8 team, as I’ll be able to combine my passions for audio production and discussing LGBTQ+ topics in the pursuit of creating engaging, relatable content for our listeners. That said, I’m very much looking forward to assisting in the various operations of the Left of Str8 podcast this summer, as well as starting my first ever podcast “Ace Talks,” hosted and conceptualized by yours truly!


Hi, My name is Brooke! I am a Senior at University of Arkansas Little Rock, finishing my degree in Business Information Systems. I am very excited to be starting this journey with Left of Str8 Radio! A little bit about me, I love disc golf, traveling, rug tufting, and learning! I am always looking for new hobbies! I currently Volunteer with Adults with Disabilities and it makes my world go round! I am always looking forward to whatever blessings life brings me!

I am a student at Loyola University Chicago studying Film and Digital Media. I have a strong interest in sound design and audio/video production and am interested in using this for film, video games, and/or my own content on Twitch.

Meet The Team


Scott Fullerton

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I’m a design major and self-taught digital artist from California, recently graduated from UC Davis. I enjoy reading, creative writing, and playing video games in my spare time. I love trying out different hobbies and finding new ways to create things.


Jo Schwitzer is a Film and Television student entering their third year at Montclair State University. They have a passion for audio that’s led to them sound mixing on many student film sets and becoming a radio host at MSU’s student run radio station, WMSC. They are excited to continue their radio ambitions with Left of Str8 this summer, and they hope to eventually begin a career in radio or podcasting. When not working on the radio, they enjoy crocheting, listening to podcasts, and playing their favorite video games.


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