Meet The Left of Str8 Radio Interns:

Left of Str8 Radio Interns 


Meet Ashley:​

My name is Ashley and I am just your typical nerd/jock, with a love of all things fandom, sports, and pop culture.  Hailing from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, when i'm not at work, I can be found.......MORE

Left of Str8 Radio Interns

Meet Audrey:

My name is Audrey and I am a proud supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ Community and have been living my authentic live for two and a half years.  As a transgender femaie..........MORE

Left of Str8 Radio Interns

Meet Jordan:


Hi Everyone!  My name is Jordan and I am a Junior Graphic Design major at Univ. of Mount Union.  I'm minoring in Communications and Entrepreneurship, which drew me to Internship.....MORE

Left of Str8 Radio Interns

Meet Taylor:

My name is Taylor and I am 23 years old.  I am currently a full time college student, majoring in medical assisting.  I work in a candle testing lab part time.  When I am not at school or work...........MORE

Left of Str8 Radio Interns


Meet Chris:

My name is Chris and I am from the town of Warren, OH and currently study both journalism and creative writing at Youngstown State University.   I consider myself to be a straight ally.........MORE

Left of Str8 Radio Interns:


This Could Be YOU

Left of Str8 Radio is always looking for good Interns that are looking to learn about the field of Internet Radio and one day host their own show.  Rotations start ever 4 months.  Find out more......HERE


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