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Please visit our Patreon Page where you can be a member for just a few dollars a month and support us in bringing a safe place for our lgbtq community and entertainment thru podcasts that will bring voices that will not be silenced in these troubling times.

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Patreon Coffee Tier 1

Patreon Tier 1:  $3.00 a month

Thank You for supporting the "Left of Str8 Show."  With your donation you will be mentioned on the "Patron Page" of the website.  You will also receive a hand written "Thank You" postcard. Most importantly, you will be supporting the show's ability to provide quality entertainment, interviews, weekly lgbtq news recaps, and more, by defraying some of the costs for hosting services, and other podcast expenses.

Patreon Tier 2:  $5.00 a month

Includes everything in the Coffee category AND First Look at Episodes, where you get access to the episodes before regular listeners right here on Patreon. A Left of Str8 Show supporter sticker and personal shout out on Social Media. You also receive 10% off merchandise (excluding sale merchandise) from the Left of Str8 Store.

Patreon Tier 3:  $7.00 a month

Everything in the Coffee and Coffee and Bagels categories, PLUS you have the option of listening to our interviews LIVE and can ask any of our celebrities or personalities questions ahead of time, with your name and social media shouted out on the air if I use it. You receive one of our Rainbow Left of Str8 Radio Tote Bags with our Embroidered Logo. You also receive 20% off merchandise (excluding sale merchandise) from the Left of Str8 Radio Store.

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offers affordable rates for both video and host read advertisements on all of our family of podcasts.

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Did You Know:


The LGBT Community is estimated to be                                       46.5% of LGBT Community have children at home

5% of the Population, but controls about                                        32% Support the Arts

9% of the Buying Power.                                                                    29% Support Sports Franchises

                                                                                                             34% Love to Camp, Hunt and Fish

LGBT Consumers are 4x more likely to                                            37% Shop at Macy's and Nordstroms

purchase and stay brand-loyal to the                                               42% Shop at Discount Stores

companies that advertise to our LGBT                                             25% Make over $75,000 per year

Community.                                                                                         12% Live below the poverty line

LGBT Consumers are 5x more likely to 

continue spending habits, even in a

down economy

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